Clean Windows and Browsers Track – Clean Your Secret Data

It is well known to most of people that the browsers, Internet Explorer and Fire Fox, record the track of surfing the Internet. But it is not well known to people that Windows keep the track of your operations. These records are stored in your disk, such as Windows document history, Windows temporary folder, Windows run history etc. On the other hand, the instant message tools also keep your chat track. For example, Yahoo recent profiles, Yahoo cache files and Yahoo pager statistics etc. You are not aware of these things when you leave computer. It most likely leaks your secret,  if you share the account and the computer with your friends and colleagues.

So I always use the options of Internet Explorer and Fire Fox to clean my Internet track. But it always can not do it thoroughly. I remove the files in Windows temporary folder every week. But it always can only remove little files. It is a boring thing to delete so many files in different places manually. Fortunately, I find that a tool can do this for me absolutely and thoroughly. The only thing I can do is to click simple button. I just need to check the report that tells me how many tracks in my disk vanish.

Now I keep a habit to clean all tracks in disk every week in my home. In office, I clean tracks every day, including Windows general records, Internet history records, chat history records and common software records. I am satisfied with keeping my secret from others.